"'The Bravier is the Lead Battalion's flagship. Perhaps we should go check it out," -Kahar Zamet to Devis trooper

The 'Bravier' was the name of a star cruiser which belonged to the clone with a name of Boomdodger. Boomdodger though not completly owned it: Commander Receiver did. The Bravier also had a teleporting device installed to it on 19 BBY. The Bravier was one of the strongest ship in the Open Circle Fleet of the Grand Army of the Republic.


The Bravier as known by that because the troops inside it make it like it's brave because it can ram through a Separatist Fleet. The ship had three bridges, two training rooms that were giant, five hundred bedrooms at least, and so much more. It was one precent bigger than any other cruiser but from a far view looks the esact same except for the bridges and hangars. It had three hangars.

The Bravier once fought in on of it's most intense battles: the battle in space as called for now. The battle was lead by the Separatists-so lead by no one.